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The ThinPrep® PapTest TM   (Cytyc Corp., Marlborough, MA), and SurePath (TriPath Imaging Inc., Burlington, NC) are automated liquid-based thin layer slide preparation techniques.  With the ThinPrep System, a conventional Pap smear is not performed.  Using a spatula and a brush or a cervical broom, the cervical area is sampled and the devices are rinsed in a fixative solution.  The slide is then automatically made in the laboratory, which decreases the possibility of air-drying artifacts.  It is then stained and read by a technician or a cytopathologist.  SurePath (formerly known as AutoCyte PREP) is another liquid-based thin-layer sample preparation system that uses centrifugation to separate cells from obscuring material, and automatically prepares and stains cytology slides.

Staging and treatment are generally handled by an oncologist familiar with gynecologic cancer. Surgery is a mainstay of therapy depending on anatomical staging and is usually reserved for cancers that have not spread beyond the vulva. [21] Surgery may involve a wide local excision, radical partial vulvectomy , or radical complete vulvectomy with removal of vulvar tissue, inguinal and femoral lymph nodes . In cases of early vulvar cancer, the surgery may be less extensive and consist of wide excision or a simple vulvectomy. Surgery is significantly more extensive when the cancer has spread to nearby organs such as the urethra, vagina, or rectum. Complications of surgery include wound infection, sexual dysfunction, edema and thrombosis , as well as lymphedema secondary to dissected lymph nodes. [23]

A50 steroid review

a50 steroid review


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