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A measurement instrument or gauge should come with a calibration certificate which will state the uncertainty of the instrument, a machine or tool will have some specified accuracy. These figures represent what the instrument or machine is capable of under ideal conditions. In the case of the instrument the calibration uncertainty includes repeatability for the calibration but not for subsequent measurements. In all cases Gage R&R should be done for your actual process. Read more about this here: http:///metrology/

We have created the following spreadsheets to assist in statistical calculations. Each spreadsheet is "protected" so that it will only let you type in certain cells so that you don't accidentally overwrite any important formulas. If you wish to edit the formulas of the spreadsheet you will first need to "unprotect" it by choosing Tools --> Protection --> Unprotect Sheet . If you have created a spreadsheet yourself and would like to make it available to others through this website, or if you ever think you have found an error in one of these spreadsheets, please send us an email at @ .

Anova xls

anova xls


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