Nap 50 beginners

Hi Caniquitmyjobanddecorate, I remember that name from RMS…always loved it!
I know this is confusing…was afraid my penciled-in notes might confuse. The reason I jotted down four cups is when you purchase the cheese, in the 2 cups size bag (like I have in the pic) it is apparently equal to 8 ounces, since that’s what it has on the bag. So it takes 2 packages of cheese in the 2 cup size, to get 16ounces. So I just put 4 cups on there to remind myself what to buy. I know a cup is 8 ounces of liquid, but apparently when it’s packaged cheese, it takes 2 cups of grated cheese to equal 8 ounces, 4 cups to equal the 16 ounces that the recipe calls for. Click on the pic that shows all the ingredients and you’ll be able to read the package…which may help this explanation to make more sense. 🙂 Thanks for that question…I had a feeling someone would ask about that, eventually. 🙂 Susan

Maridav/Shutterstock Adding an accountability factor to your fitness routine helps you stay on track and prioritize your commitment to health and wellness. When you schedule time with a personal trainer or sign up for a class, or gym workout for beginners, you not only make a monetary commitment but it requires that you block off time in your schedule. It also adds a human factor, explains Matthews. "Someone is expecting you, waiting for you." You can also create accountability by meeting up with a workout partner to go for a walk or hike. "When someone is waiting for you, you are more likely to show up because you don't want to let them down. They are supporting you and you are supporting them--this can be transformative in your health and wellness."

Nap 50 beginners

nap 50 beginners


nap 50 beginnersnap 50 beginnersnap 50 beginnersnap 50 beginnersnap 50 beginners