Oxandrin price

However, the Anavar steroid was discontinued by Searle in 1989, due to the bad press brought on by bodybuilders abusing the drug. It was later reintroduced to the world market as Oxandrin in 1995, but it remains a controlled substance under US law. The current manufacturer of oxandrolone holds all the rights to their medicine, and that’s why it is very rare to find oxandrolone today. It’s still called Anavar by most people, and it’s very hard to buy. Even if you do find Anavar for sale, the law of supply and demand inevitably results in a rather exorbitant price for the steroid.

All specialty medications require Precertification. The process begins with a call to HealthSmart Specialty Drug Program at 1-888-440-7342. HealthSmart will review the drug for medical necessity, and if approved, will coordinate the purchase through an approved source. Many specialty medications have manufacturer programs which will financially assist patients in the purchase of the medication. PEIA requires that if a financial assistance program is available, you must participate in the program. Specialty drugs have the following key characteristics:

Oxandrin price

oxandrin price


oxandrin priceoxandrin priceoxandrin priceoxandrin priceoxandrin price